The mission of the Mt. Pleasant ISD Foundation is to acquire funds and provide resources to inspire learning, enrich teaching, and offer extended educational opportunities to teachers and students in the Mt. Pleasant Independent School District.

95% of the funds raised will go back to the campuses in the form of educator grants. These funds are available through an easy grant
application process.


The Mt. Pleasant ISD Foundation believes that every child deserves a strong foundation. We support programs that directly impact student learning.

The Mt. Pleasant ISD Foundation is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation governed by a board of directors. The Foundation plans and administers its programs in cooperation with the Mt. Pleasant Independent School District.

The Foundation collects and distributes contributions from individuals, teachers, businesses, and organizations. Sometimes people wonder why extra funding is needed since our public schools are supported with tax dollars. In reality, those tax dollars cover “fixed overhead” such as salaries, utilities, maintenance, etc. The Foundation invests in teaching materials and experiences that are not funded. The Foundation encourages innovative education. Your donation to the Foundation really makes a difference for students and staff in the district.

With your support, we can achieve our goal of funding more and more project requests each year.

When you make a donation please check to see if your company has a matching funds program.


Board of Directors - Executive Directors

Brad Lowry

Amy Hinton
Vice President, Development

Becca Bell
Vice President, Programs

Vikki Goates
Vice President, Finance/Governance

Danny Muskrat
Vice President, Events/Marketing

Judd Marshall
MPISD Superintendent

Regina Conroy

Judith Saxton
Executive Director

Board of Directors - Committee Structure

Amy Hinton, Chair
Buddy Blue
Kent Cooper
Penny Luetge
Sandy McCauley
Marc McDaniel
Dennis Newman
Tommy Shumate

Becca Bell, Chair
Martin Acuna
Regina Conroy
Dr. Clint Davis
Vikki Goates
Gerald Hampton
Dr. Dorisula (Sue) Hawkins
Judd Marshall
Sandy McCauley
Sam Parker

Danny Muskrat, Chair
Eva Beles
Jeffery Crabb
Crystal Gonzalez
Stacie Nelson
Darren Mondrell Palmer
Ester Smith
Jacob Hatfield

Vikki Goates
Brad Lowry


Grant awarding will be done by Foundation board members with the assistance of retired teachers. No district personnel will be involved in determining who receives grants.

All campus staff (administrators, teachers, aides, nurses, librarians, and counselors) may apply, as long as the grant directly benefits students.

Classroom grants can be used for a variety of projects and materials. These include but are not limited to books, software, calculators, math manipulatives, art supplies, audio-visual equipment, technology, field trips and lab materials.