Wallace Grant May

P.E Wallace Grants

P.E. Wallace: 6th Grade English teacher Jana Jenkins for Vocabulary Games such as Scrabble to provide a creative way to increase students’ vocabulary;

P.E. Wallace: 6th Grade Math teachers Tammy Davis, Cathleen Fender and Sandra Wright for classroom supplies (dry erase boards, markers and erasers; a magnetic coordinate grid; student seating; small group tables; and, storage units);

P.E. Wallace: P.E. teacher Dona Elliott for Physical Education Equipment, for Sixth grade science teacher LaSonya McDaniel for Science Lab Equipment, Fifth grade Math teacher Tonya Schultz for Technology in the Classroom, and, Fifth grade Music teacher Diane Swiger for Music Performance Resources.

Front row: Grant recipients LaSonya McDaniel, Tonya Schultz, students Camdon Johnson and Halea Ledesma for Diane Swiger,

Back Row: Foundation Board President Brad Lowry, Foundation Board member Amy Hinton, grant recipient Dona Elliott, Foundation Board members Sandy McCauley and Danny Muskrat.